BIG is a vzw (a non-profit organisation) and aims to collect and evaluate information on dangerous substances to aid companies and governments in their quest for a better and safer environment.

More and more companies cannot see the wood for the trees anymore. New legislations are succeeding rapidly and it becomes ever more difficult to keep and stay up-to-date on everything all the time. Especially where it concerns legislation on HAZMAT which has undergone some serious changes in the past few years. Also an increasing number of companies see their markets expand all over the world and are in need of some solid advice. BIG vzw is the information centre on dangerous goods and can offer besides an exhaustive quality database also the expertise and technical means to support your EHS department in their endeavour to establish a safe working environment with your best interests at heart.


There are regularly changes in the legal obligations for dangerous products, REACH, CLP, labelling, …. How do these need to be interpreted and applied? Through our newsletter you can keep yourself up-to-date.

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Product Safety Card

In view of the changed legislation it becomes even more important to adequately inform your employees. Our Product Safety Cards are the perfect tool for this purpose.

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Emergency Response

BIG is besides an information centre also an emergency centre and available 24 on 24, 7 days a week. So our team of expert emergency commanders is round the clock at your disposal to answer your calls in English, Dutch, French and German! From now on even calls in all languages can be handled by means of a three-way conversation with a professional interpreter.

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Are you not convinced of the quality of SDS'es delivered to you by your supplier? How can you be sure they are correct? BIG offers you the simple solution of SDS screening with detailed report.

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