Product Safety Cards for Chemicals

Working safely with hazardous substances

This twofold publication comprises little over a 1000 useful and surveyable cards divided over 2 books containing the most crucial information needed in case of an incident. Both parts start off with a triple index (alphabetical on name and synonym, sorted on UN number and finally listed by CAS number) and a detailed manual on how to interpret the information on the cards.

Safety is in the best interest of everyone and BIG would like to contribute to this. This publication is highly useful in labs, the workfloor and not to forget schools.

Price: € 450 (single issue) - € 395 (subscription with yearly update)

New: WIK-online, the electronic version of the book.
Accessable via internet and this for €350/user/year.

Prices are exclusive of VAT and packaging/shipping cost

Also available in hardcover! Prices on request.

NOTE: this publication is not yet available in English, but only in Dutch! When interested in English version or any other language please send e-mail to

Product Safety Cards

BIG can also compile specific Product Safety Cards for your range of products or your work situation.

On 1 A4-sheet you can find clear, easy to read instructions with pictogrammes on the hazards of the substance and what (safety) measures are expected of the operator.

Click here for an example